Structure to Play Lottery & Most Popular Types of Bets

cimamag – Online Lottery is a type of game that is played by guessing the numbers accurately and correctly from the lottery market on the official lottery gambling site, and you also have to understand this game upstream with the A, B, C, D structure.

The following is the meaning of the A, B, C and D structures in online lottery gambling:
• A = Ace
• B = Middle
• C = Head
• D = Tail

Some of the Most Popular Types of Online Lottery Bets in Indonesia

In 4D, 3D, 2D online lottery games, this type of game is usually played by guessing 4 numbers, 3 numbers, and 2 numbers that are already available in the column for you to guess the output of the totojitu numbers. The following are several types of bets found in online lottery gambling games, namely:

1. Free Plug
The number one guessing game from 4D and the position of the numbers can be anywhere.
Example: 9783
You place a bet on number 7 with a bet value of Rp. 100.000,-
This means that your winning prize is: Rp. 100.000,- + (Winning index for plug number)

2. Macau Plug
Macau plug is a type of online lottery bet that requires players to place bets on 2 numbers which will be said to win if the 2 numbers you guessed come out in the end.
Players place Macau Plug bets by betting on numbers 2 and 6, where the number that you issue in the result is 2968. Because the numbers that you place in results 2 and 6 then you will be declared the winner and if you place numbers 7 and 5 and the numbers that match comes out is 2968 then you are declared a loser because the number you entered did not come out at all.

Example: if you select 7 and 3 for output 5327,
*You will be declared the winner because in the market there are numbers 7 and 3 and you will be declared a loser if the 2 pairs of numbers you enter do not come out

3. Jitu Plug
As the name suggests, Jitu Plug, where this game is played not only by guessing the numbers, you are also required to guess which number is in the 4D number.

4.  4D Plug
This type of game guesses 2 numbers correctly in any position among the 4D results. For example, outgoing numbers
8395. If you guess 2 numbers out of 4, for example 3.9 and 5.8 and 8.9 and 3.5 and 8.3 and 9.5 it means you have won the game.

5. Dragon Plug
Dragon plug is often equated with Macau plug because the way to play and the conditions for winning are the same. The difference is only in the value of the number to be bet. Players must choose 3 numbers and to be able to win, the 3 numbers you choose must appear on the output market.
Example: if you guess the numbers 7, 3 and 1 then the output is 7531.
*Then you will be declared the winner because the three numbers that you guessed come out and you will be declared a loser if these three numbers don’t come out.

That is the structure and type of the most popular online lottery bet in Indonesia, which is most often played by lottery gambling lovers on trusted lottery betting sites. Hopefully useful and see you in the next article!