Complete Ways to Play Fantan Casino Online

cimamag – In this article, we, as one of the trusted online casino gambling agents, will explain to you in full how to play Fantan, which you must understand. There are many types of casino games with different playing tools, of course, from playing cards to sticks from fantasy games.

Fantan itself has 3 types of game tools, namely large bowls, small bowls, sticks and buttons. Fan Tan casino online is a game originating from Chinese tradition that is still popular today, and of course you can find this game online and live.

Live means that we as a dealer provide a video streaming feature so bettors can immediately play fantasy gambling with our beautiful bookie. Apart from how to play fantasy, the site also provides game guides that have been provided such as live casino, sportsbook, cockfighting gambling, agile ball, slot gacor, poker, lottery and several other exciting games.

How to Play Fantan Live Casino Online

In the fantan game simulation, the bettor is given approximately 25 seconds to make a fantan bet choice. Then after the time is up and the bettor has determined the bet, the dealer will take several buttons from the large bowl with the small bowl.

The number of buttons in a large bowl consists of approximately 200 buttons. Then it is made into 1 part using a stick, 1 fantan part consists of 4 buttons and the last 1 button will determine the bettor’s victory, it’s easy enough not to understand the fantan game simulation.

Now, in how to play Fantan, there are many types of betting combinations that you can play, such as:

  1. Odd: The odd numbers on fantan bets are only 1 and 3 with odds of 1:0.95.
  2. Even: Even numbers on fantan bets are only 2 and 4 with odds of 1:0.95.
  3. SSH or Shen Sam Hong: 3 possible bets, for example: SSH 123, if the last button remains 1 or 2 or 3 then you win but if the button remains 4 then you lose.
  4. Nga Tan: Bet on 3 numbers, 2 numbers win 1 draw, for example: Nga 1 Tan 2 & Draw 4 then if 1 or 2 buttons still win but if 4 draws and 3 remaining buttons are declared a direct lose.
  5. Nim: Bet 2 numbers win and draw, for example: 1 nim 2, if the remaining 1 button will be declared a win then if the remaining 2 buttons will be considered a draw. If the rest of the buttons 3 and 4 are declared to disappear immediately.
  6. Fan: Bet on 1 (single) number, for example: Fan 1, if 1 button remains then the winner is declared, but if 2, 3 or 4 buttons remain then you will lose immediately.

That’s the type of bet that you can learn in explaining how to play Fan Tan online, it’s incomplete if the admin doesn’t include how to win, right?

Tips for Winning Fantan Casino Online Bets

1. Provide Large Balance.
A large balance will certainly make players more confident in placing large bets to get large profits, of course.

2. Understand Each Type of Bet.
The explanation above about how to play fantan must be mastered if you want to easily win real money online fantan bets.

3. Play Patiently.
Patience is the key to success in all things, including online and offline gambling. Patience means paying attention to the flow of the game to make big bets every now and then.

4. Play with full concentration.
Full concentration will also affect your win rate in online fantasy gambling, we recommend playing fantasy alone without friends to disturb your concentration level.

That’s the best way to understand how to play Fantan online casino gambling from us, and if you find this article very useful, then you can immediately share it with your friends to learn too and play Fantan online casino gambling together.